Adobe Fresco, Inktober52


This week’s prompt was “camping”, and I used the oil brushes in Adobe Fresco to paint a camping scene using different layers. I don’t like to merge oil painting layers because some bizarre effects occur, so once the painting was done, I used the Creative Cloud app to export the image as a JPG. I then went back to Adobe Fresco and imported the JPG on a layer. I used a text layer to create the word “camping” then pixelated it so I could transform it taller. I made a duplicate of the text. With the painting layer above the pixelated layer, I used the mask button to fill the letters with the painting. Then I offset the duplicated black text layer to make the sharp shadow. And now I’m all caught up after a round of quarantine (my youngest, she stayed healthy), and Texas’ Winterpocolypse.

Camping graphic made with Adobe Fresco and Creative Cloud