In Memory

Photoshop work to give a loved horse her wings

The horse that taught my youngest to ride passed away a year ago. It was a heart wrenching loss both for her family and all of us that knew and also loved her. I thought she needed some wings in memory. Done in Photoshop on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.


Little Red Truck

I’ve been working on some greeting cards for a friend who loves the “little red truck”. I’m using Adobe Fresco on iPad with an Apple Pencil and water color brushes to create the artwork. I then print on recycled paper and hand-finish the card with embossing, edge aging, and a fancy cut front edge that I designed in Cricut Design Space. I have posted them for sale on my Etsy site.

Little Red Truck card
Little Red Truck with flowers
Little Red Truck with animals
Little Red Truck with presents

I’m working on more variations as well!


Logo contest

I had a logo contest pop up on my feed for Lacewing Creative Retreat, and decided since I love crafts and a place to dedicate time to finishing a craft seems like a fabulous idea, I would submit a design. I made the top five! They are having FB fans make the final call on their page.

My logo design submission