Adobe Fresco, Inktober52, Vector Art


This week’s prompt was “shield” from Inktober52. This was drawn in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil using vector brushes. I made use of opacity in the brushes, so I could put the eyes on any skin color. This is a similar technique to what I use when painting eyes on rocks with acrylics, and make the rock the “skin”. I drew one eye without the highlights, then mirrored it for the second eye before adding the white dots.

Shield graphic showing a facemask, eyes, and upraised eye brows. Done in Adobe Fresco
Inktober52, Vector Art


I was excited about the prompt “dragonfly”, because I love dragonflies. I may love them a little too much because the possibilities were immense and I was feeling overwhelmed. After a couple of sketches and a bit of time away on another craft, and I settled on this design. I drew a single dragonfly with the color on a separate layer, then duplicated it and changed the color just on one layer of each dragonfly. The word is done semi-opaque behind. Happy news, text layers can be converted to vector or pixel layers in Adobe Fresco, which means stretching a font is easy. Since I drew the dragonfly with a vector brush (basic round this time), I can reuse this asset in other projects! Hurray!

“Dragonfly” graphic created on Adobe Fresco using vector brushes
Inktober52, Vector Art


Sustained subfreezing temperatures, rolling blackouts, full blackouts, and frozen pipes are true monsters. These little guys are downright cute. I had fun using the end taper vector brush to create them in Adobe Fresco.

Monster graphic created in Adobe Fresco using vector brushes
Inktober52, Vector Art


This week’s prompt is “remote”. I worked with masks in Adobe Fresco for this concept. I was so excited that masks are supported in the app! My concept is being remote from the crowds of cities and suburbia. So my city circle and ‘burbs circle are single hue, simple shapes, done with vector layers and masks. But the little tent out in the mountains uses vibrant color and I made use of the water color brushes in Fresco (and lots, and lots of layers). I did merge the layers before I applied the circle mask. Hmm. I didn’t incorporate the actual word in this week’s prompt. Maybe that is a challenge for another week.

“Remote” image composed in Adobe Fresco
Adobe Fresco, Inktober52, Vector Art


This week’s prompt is “ancient”, I was thinking buildings or ruins, but my eldest suggested a tortoise. A good suggestion! I chose the Galapagos tortoise because they have a long life span and a wonderfully large shell (which makes putting words on it easier). I drew this with a reference photo using Adobe Fresco and an Apple Pen on an iPad. I used the vector brushes and worked from shadow to light using layers. I have to admit, this wasn’t pushing my envelope very much. I enjoy making images this way, but the experience was improved and streamlined using the pressure pen.

Vector drawing of an ancient Galapagos tortoise
Adobe Fresco, Inktober52, Vector Art


Inktober 52 is a weekly drawing prompt; in October they have a daily writing prompt, which I have participated in for a couple years. I found the Inktober 52 challenge while perusing drawings and decided to take it up in 2021. These are meant as ink drawings, but I now have an Apple Pencil and access to an iPad, and would like to hone my skills in Adobe Fresco, so I’m going to use the prompts, but do a digital drawing rather than ink. It is good practice either way.

Here is this week’s take on “fresh”. I wanted to do word art, and make the letters look like splashed water. I started with a “pencil” sketch, then used the basic taper start vector brush on a separate layer to lay in the colors. The image uses four shades of blue, which Fresco conveniently saved for me. Below is a lower resolution image with my watermark.

My take on the prompt “fresh”