Adobe Fresco, Inktober52


This week’s prompt was “brave”. So many interpretations of brave are possible. Is it brave to join the crowd (especially if you are an introvert)? Is it brave to not join the faceless mob? Is it brave to have a different perspective when everyone else is focused on one thing? Or maybe my person is contemplating a new hairstyle, which is another kind of brave. (Thanks to my husband for that insight.)

This drawing is the closest to ink, as I used the ink sketch brush in Adobe Fresco. I made an oval to use as a guide so all my people were of similar size, and only used one size brush. In order to use the word as a mask, I had to merge the face drawings (which were all on separate layers) with a white background. I kept a copy of the original layers, though, because I may need them for another project. For such a simple drawing, it has taken me the longest to complete. This will also stay colorless. It saddens me that we are still surface focused and don’t value people for who they are (or can be) inside. Yes, we are all different, and that is a good thing.

Line drawing of Brave done in Adobe Fresco