Adobe Fresco, Inktober52

Tranquil, Angel, Light

Yup, I combined three prompts this time. Rather than skip a week when things get busy, or struggle to play catch up, I float outside the box a bit and look at a different angle. I had some ideas for the prompt “tranquil”, then along came “angel” which focused the possibility field nicely (you were spared image of the angel with a tranq dart in the rump, you’re welcome), then time slipped sideways and “light” was suddenly the next prompt. I already had my reference photos for tranquil angel, and it wasn’t hard to imagine that it was the cat emanating the light. Done in Adobe Fresco on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, I did a sketch with a pencil brush, then used pixel brushes (“natural”) to lay down the colors using the sketch as a guide on a separate layer. I blended the colors at the end, since pixel brushes overlay, but don’t mix like the oil or watercolor brushes (about half-way through I realized I could have used oil brushes instead, but I was already committed).

“Tranquil Angel Light” drawing done in Adobe Fresco