Adobe Fresco, Inktober52

Golden Yin Yang

I’ve combined two weekly prompts again. This was purposeful, as “yin yang” can be styled to so many things. I was very excited about the prompt, as I believe life is about balance, and have seen and used this imagery for many years. My business logo even incorporates a version in the background for the air and earth.

Caryn’s Creations logo

I even have photos of my cats and dogs forming yin yang poses.

Dogs as yin yang
Cats as yin yang

So I waited for the next week’s prompt, which turned out to be “golden”. Hm. Golden yin yang. I do need to work on making things look gold, so the prompt is helping me develop my skill set for certain. I used Adobe Fresco again, and made heavy use of soft, semi-transparent pixel brushes.

Golden Yin Yang created in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil