This week’s prompt was “Monarch” from Inktober52. I can see the name of the butterfly in the patterns of the wings, so I used an Apple Pencil with Adobe Fresco to bring out the letters. This graphic was done mostly with a vector brush (the background is watercolor brushes) because I can see using this on other projects and I want the resolution as flexible as possible.

Monarch graphic created in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil
Adobe Fresco, Inktober52


I am continuing to expand my skills with Adobe Fresco using Inktober52 prompts. This week’s prompt was “stone”. We have many beautiful stone walls around town, so I did a photo tour, taking a variety of shots of stone, then picked the one that pleased me the most. Rather than manipulate the photo this time, I did a translucent layer over the photo layer. I cast a tan color over the background (one of our native stone is an ochre color), then erased bits for the letters and added white and gray to make the them stand out.

Cropped original stone wall picture
“Stone” graphic created in Adobe Fresco
Adobe Fresco, Inktober52


This week’s prompt from Inktober52 was “spooky”. My idea was to have the word spooky written out in tree branches, starting with one of my own photos. In Photoshop, I would have approached this using the clone tool. Adobe Fresco has a multi-color eye dropper tool that can be used somewhat like a clone tool, but it wasn’t working for this project. Instead, I found that using a pixel brush with a basic hard tip size 6 would make small circles. If I reduced the flow to give some transparency, and used the Apple pencil to make overlapping dots, it mimicked the light coming through the branches well. I used a separate layer to write the word to use as a guide, then worked the dappling magic around each letter before darkening the centers with a larger brush size. I restarted this image four times before finding a technique I wanted to use!

“Spooky” photograph manipulated in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil
Adobe Fresco, Inktober52

Golden Yin Yang

I’ve combined two weekly prompts again. This was purposeful, as “yin yang” can be styled to so many things. I was very excited about the prompt, as I believe life is about balance, and have seen and used this imagery for many years. My business logo even incorporates a version in the background for the air and earth.

Caryn’s Creations logo

I even have photos of my cats and dogs forming yin yang poses.

Dogs as yin yang
Cats as yin yang

So I waited for the next week’s prompt, which turned out to be “golden”. Hm. Golden yin yang. I do need to work on making things look gold, so the prompt is helping me develop my skill set for certain. I used Adobe Fresco again, and made heavy use of soft, semi-transparent pixel brushes.

Golden Yin Yang created in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil


Doorway word art created in Adobe Fresco

For the Inktober52 prompt “doorway” I went back to my word art theme. I learned quite a bit on this piece, most importantly, if you are filling a pixel layer, you can avoid the artifacts (stray background color), by adjusting the fill settings. So much easier than cleaning up the artifacts with a brush! (I still like vector graphics better, but this was a good exercise.) I made the first door, then made duplicates of the layer and adjusted the accessories of each door. And, because all those doorways are slightly creepy (or maybe that is just my mood this week), I had to do another version with the creep factor increased. Which door did you choose?

Doorway word art version two