Adobe Fresco, Inktober52, Vector Art


Inktober 52 is a weekly drawing prompt; in October they have a daily writing prompt, which I have participated in for a couple years. I found the Inktober 52 challenge while perusing drawings and decided to take it up in 2021. These are meant as ink drawings, but I now have an Apple Pencil and access to an iPad, and would like to hone my skills in Adobe Fresco, so I’m going to use the prompts, but do a digital drawing rather than ink. It is good practice either way.

Here is this week’s take on “fresh”. I wanted to do word art, and make the letters look like splashed water. I started with a “pencil” sketch, then used the basic taper start vector brush on a separate layer to lay in the colors. The image uses four shades of blue, which Fresco conveniently saved for me. Below is a lower resolution image with my watermark.

My take on the prompt “fresh”