Adobe Fresco, Vector Art


I have to admit to being a bit stumped on the prompt “star”, so I defaulted to vector graphics in logo style. I am still building my skills in Adobe Fresco, but these aren’t outside my wheelhouse this week.

Tri-colored sun graphic done in Adobe Fresco with vector brushes

I started with a representational graphic of a sun, but thought it was a little blasé, so duplicated it, erased half, and recolored the new half with the fill tool. That worked well, so I did it again, but this time in thirds. It is interesting, but makes my eyes dance a bit. So I tried something else.

Star interplanetary concept logo done in Adobe Fresco

For the second iteration, I imagined a company in need of a logo. On this, I like how the star is part of the word (especially crossing the t), but that the star and S combo could also stand alone. It is important when designing logos that elements can be removed and used separately (think of the “smile” on an Amazon box!) I also took a slightly different take on the “shadow” of the text by stretching it up as well as offsetting it. Just to experiment.