Adobe Fresco, Inktober52

Cat planet

Last week’s drawing prompt was “cat”. Oh my. A photo search on my phone alone yielded 1,009 photos. So very many possibilities, and work and home life were hoppin’ so I decided to see if I could combine prompts again. This week’s prompt: “planet”. Hmm. Cat planet. Alrighty then. That does narrow the possibility matrix, but in very strange ways. My first idea was a cat playing with a planet, maybe even gripping a hapless Earth in its celestial jaws. But wait, what if the cat WAS the planet, and the drawing captures the moment that an orbiting moon catches the sleeping interstellar feline’s attention?

Cat Planet drawn in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil

Fresco’s shapes helped me achieve perfect circles and ovals. The cat is very loosely modeled on our gray tortoiseshell house cat.

P.S. I forgot to hit publish. Oops.