Adobe Fresco, Inktober52


This week’s prompt from Inktober52 is “flow”. When I think of the word flow, first comes the images of water, then the idea of work flow. Interrupting all that cogitation was a timely new tutorial on the multi-color eyedropper tool in Adobe Fresco. So this post is about this nifty feature! When using the eyedropper tool to pick up a color, I can now select the multi-color option and basically make a tiny stamp from existing pixels. This color sampling can then be used with any pixel brush (there are more options, but this is what I explored today). My favorite thing is making 3D-like lines. The way the color is laid down depends on the direction of the stroke, so I wrote “Flow” from left to right, then drew the swirl from right to left to demonstrate. I kept my sample color swatch in the upper right so you can see how that translated into the stroke. And because it is 3D-like (I say that because the light and shadow aren’t quite right), I had to add a shadow. I haven’t found a shadow option in Fresco yet, so I set my brush to slightly larger than my line, in a soft round opacity, and traced the line in opacity reduced black on a separate layer. Then offset the “shadow” using the move tool. I’m very excited about this feature and the possibilities!

Word “flow” created in Adobe Fresco using the multi-color eyedropper feature